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Leaders of Corea(past name of Korea, 918~1... [Society]
Leaders of Corea(past name of Korea, 918~1392) visited Venerable teacher, Jigwan who is general director of Jogye order on 24th, September. About 20 persons of Corea who are living...
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Age of Famed Woodblock Printing Still a Mystery
A Buddhist scripture called the Mugujeonggwang Daedaranigyeong (Pure Light Dharani Sutra), found in the Seokgatap pagoda of Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, is believed to be the world...
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Lee Seeks Reconciliation Among Religions
President-elect Lee Myung-bak pledged Wednesday that he would help preserve Buddhist cultural heritage with policy measures during his presidential tenure. Lee, an ardent Christian...
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Dalai Lama's Visit to Buffalo Gives Buddhism a Boost
Buffalo, NY (USA) -- For some people, the pending visit from the Dalai Lama has sparked a fascination and perhaps even curiosity to learn more about the ancient religion of Buddhis...
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Buddhist nun in Israel to teach meditation
Jerusalem, Israel -- The Upper Galilee's natural tranquility has been enhanced recently by the presence of Venerable Tenzin Palmo, one of the first Western women ordained as a Budd...
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